Much ado

Director and writer Philip McKee collaborates with dramaturge Sarah Elkashef and the 12 graduating students of the Acting program to create MUCH ADO, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that explores themes of responsibility, privilege and power in sex and gender.

Produced by The National Theatre School of Canada, and presented at Le Monument National in Montreal, October 25-30, 2016.

[photo credits: Maxime Coté]



2017 Graduating Actors

Gregory Waters as Benedick
Justin Shaw as Don John
Yousef Kadoura as Dogberry
Bartlomiej Demczuk as Leonato
Roland Meseck as Claudio
Niko Ouellette as Don Pedro
Déjah Dixon-Green as Hero
Gabriella Sundar Singh as Beatrice
Rachel Mutombo as Ursula
Athena Trinh as Margaret
Elena Ellwand as Barrachia
Josephine Jones as Balthia

Design/Production Team

Evita Karasek
Set/Costume Design

Patrick Peachey-Higdon
Set/Props Assistant

Emily Soussana
Costumes Assistant

Brandon Hepworth
Lighting Designer

Daniel Bennett
Sound Designer

Michael Tonus
Video Designer

Tori Morrison
Stage Manager

Pedro Melão Ferreira
Assistant Stage Manager

Claire Bourdin
Assistant Stage Manager

Marc Lavallee
Production Manager

James McCoy
Technical Director

Adam Walters
Assistant Technical Director

Haylee Tucker
Head Carpenter

Cosette Pin
Head of Lighting

Crystal Chettiar
Head of Sound

Martin Nishikawa
Head of Video

MacKenzie Emerick

Samuel Boucher

Hannah Kirby

Samantha Nyinawumuntu

Gloria Mok

Elizabeth Richardson